A Brief Introduction

It is a rare feeling for me, the sudden boost of energy and determination to advance my writing skills. I have continuously googled ways in the past other than this one, always believing that I am unable to write upon a blog and share my thoughts and opinions to the internet.

God forbid anyone I am familiar with will stumble upon this mediocre blog tucked away in the corners of a desperate internet.

This small passage is honestly just something to unwillingly slap on my blog in order to prevent the site from pestering me to do so further. As well as checking that I truly still do understand the English language. Hopefully I do, as I hail from a small country where it is unfortunately the first language, a country where other languages are not found often amongst our ignorance. I type this now, my laptop upon my bed as I sit upon my ankles, crushing them gently into the carpet while I peer through large-framed spectacles. Music is playing gently by my side. I do hope I can write often.

I am a naive human in my earlier years of life, filled with fearful ignorance and empty with a severe lacking in life experience. I do hope whoever may read this understands as I ramble obliviously about my unimportant life, accompanied by my frequent frustrations and joys as I navigate it. As well as my amateur writing style.

So, here’s to a hopeful time of me attempting to write out into the world and creating a better version of myself as I go.

Much thanks for reading,


2 thoughts on “A Brief Introduction

  1. Welcome to WordPress! I’m sure that this blog will do wonders for your writing. Blogging has certainly done that for me. And it’s a truly great community to be in. I’m excited to be following your future content 🙂


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